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  • Please contact us with your requirements and we will send you a quotation

    You are more than welcome to visit our site, have a look around, get some ideas and see what is on offer……we look forward to your call 01404 861492.

  • Yes.  It is more or less 25% of the total hire charge and will be requested on the quotation.  Payment can either be made by cheque payable to Fanfare or online to account number 40210860 sort code 30-94-36 account name Fanfare Event Hire.  All details will be on the quotation.

  • Yes you can. We advise customers to place the order and pay the deposit to secure the items any amendments can be made at any time subject to availability. Final numbers to be confirmed 2 weeks before the event.

  • Not if you are collecting it can be as small as you like.

    There is, however, a minimum order value of £100.00 for delivered items.

  • Yes we do. Full details of this charge will be included in your quote and varies according to distance and only covers our costs.

  • Please contact us with your requirements and we will send you a quotation

    You are more than welcome to visit our site, have a look around, get some ideas and see what is on offer……we look forward to your call 01404 861492.

  • We try to be as flexible as possible but as a rule of thumb for weekend events collections can be any time from Thursday 10am prior to the event and and must be returned before 10am on the Monday.  Our deliveries normally take place on a Thursday or Friday and we collect as early as possible on the Monday following.   Please do ring 01404 861492 and we will try and fit in with your requirements.   Weekday hire period is 3 days.

  • Yes unfortunately this can happen and all shortages and breakages are chargeable.

    This includes the containers.

    All shortage and breakage charges are included in your quotation.

  • You can cancel your order at any point in time.

    However, if your order is cancelled within 14 days of the delivery date the hire will be charged at the full rate.

    Any cancellation more than 14 days before the delivery date will be charged at 20% of the full hire rate.

  • We do.

    All we ask is that you remove any food or liquid waste and pack our equipment away in the delivery containers we provide.

  • If you have any questions that are not answered please do not hesitate to contact Nancy on 01404 861492